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About Kempetro

Kempetro is a manufacturer of health care products, with a diversified and extensive product portfolio of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food supplements. Our parent company operates multiple factories and owns multiple brands.

Our success over the years has been achieved due to our strict commitment to quality, innovation, research and team work. The fundamental objective that Kempetro has been built on is the well-being of its consumers.

Devoted to improve the health and wellbeing of people, our commitment is to deliver meaningful health innovations. We take great pride in introducing many significant and exceptional products thanks to extensive research.



Kempetro’s well-equipped laboratories are recognized internationally for their research and work in the personal care and beauty fields.


Private Label

At Kempetro, we also specialize in private label and toll manufacturing to other recognized international clients in accordance with clients' needs and cost expectations



Our aim is to maintain the highest standard and excellence in manufacturing to be able to gain a greater market share in a very competitive market.

our mission

Kempetro's Mission

Kempetro’s is on a mission to become one of the top health care manufacturers in the MENA region and one of Egypt’s leading industrial manufacturers.

our vision

Kempetro's Vision

As a manufacturer of health care products, Kempetro’s vision is to provide diversified product portfolio to its consumers that improves their quality of life. We employ a highly qualified team of researchers to create products that enhance lives.

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