Delicate (Vaginal wash)

Delicate vaginal wash is used in the following cases and for the treatment of :
1. Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), Yeast
infection (genital candidiasis), Trichomoniasis and Atrophic vaginitis.
2. After finishing the period as an antiseptic.
3. After fixing a new loop to prevent
4. After sexual intercourse especially
for woman who are allergic from
5- After Using pessaries and vaginal
creams for cleaning.


Active Ingredients:
– Alum chlorhexidine digluconate
– Alum
– Tea tree oil
– Jasmine
– Menthol extract


Use in a safe way for daily care, concentrated or diluted with water.


Carton Dimensions:
– Height: 19.00 cm
– Length: 42.00 cm
– Width: 29.00cm
– Weight: 8,930 gm
– Content: 35 bottles

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