Jointamin (Massage cream)

Jointamin is a dual action joint support topical massage
herbal cream with skin softening effect that helps maintaining a range of motion,
strength and endurance and is used by athletes, physical stressed worker and
all those who suffer from temporary
discomfort, stiffness, and performance

Jointamin is used to:
– Lubricate cell membranes.
– Act as counter irritant and pain killer.
– Restore fluids that cushion bones and joints.
– Works to decrease inflammatory responses.
– Reduces interleukin
– Reduces morning stiffness.
– Decreases inflammation and reduce the
activity of enzymes that destroy cartilage.


Active Ingredients:
– Glucosamine buitate
– Chondroitin buitate
– Glycerin
– Disodium EDTA
– Methyl Ssulfonyl
– Dimethicone
– Winter green oil
– Eucalyptus oil
– Ginkgo Biloba extract
– Horse Chestnut extrct
– Arnica extract
– Gotu kola
– Liposome
– Peppermint oil
– Menthol


Apply a thin layer to the skin and spread with gentle rubbing.


Carton Dimension:
– Height: 19.00 cm
– Length: 42.00 cm
– Width: 26.00 cm
– Weight: 4,930 gm
– Content: 40 tubes

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