Kirly Light (Whitening mask)

Killy Light is a powder mask to lightening the skin and
removing wrinkles & black heads. Kirly Light works in 5 minutes and is suitable for all skin types.


Active Ingredients:
– Salicylic acid
– Glycerol
– Menthol
– Cocamide betaine


Mix the package contents with warm water until it becomes
homogeneous. Apply the mixture on the area to be
lightened in the face and leave for 5 minutes. Rub the area well in circular motion from the inside outward smoothly, then look in the mirror to see the difference.


Carton Dimension:
– Height: 19.00 cm
– Length: 42.00 cm
– Width: 29.00 cm
– Weight: 3,080 gm
– Content: 85 box

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