La Rose (Intimate wash)

La Rose is designed to protect the vaginal area against infection and is recommended by gynecologists more than any other vaginal douche. La Rose includes citric acid with a 3.5 pH level in its formula that helps decrease the vaginal discharge and the chance of infections.

La Rose is safe to use and does not contain chemical preservatives that can cause serious illnesses. The wash does not contain SLS and SLES as well as detergents that may cause itches and are suspected to cause cancer.


Active Ingredients:
– Propylene glycol
– Irgasan
– Liquorice extract
– Alum
– Chlorhexidine digluconate
– Tea tree oil


Use in a safe way for daily care, concentrated or diluted with water.


Carton Dimensions:
– Height: 19.00 cm
– Length: 42.00 cm
– Width: 26.00cm
– Weight: 9,280 gm
– Content: 35 bottles

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